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SDG (internt brug)
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Afskaf fattigdom (1)
SDG01021: National poverty indicator by area, age, sex, unit and indicator (1995-2020)
SDG010A2: Total government spending on essential services (per cent of total government s) by area and benefits (2005-2018)
Stop sult (2)
SDG02031: Volume of production per labour unit by classes of farming/pastoral/forestry ent by area and gross yield (2008-2018)
SDG02032: x by area, sex and type (2012-2019)
SDG02041: x by area (2019)
SDG02051: x by area and type (2018-2020)
SDG02052: x by area and type (2018)
SDG020A1: The agriculture orientation index for government expenditures by area (2005-2019)
SDG020A2: Total official flows (official development assistance plus other official flows) by area (2005-2018)
SDG020C1: x by area, type of crop and type (2015-2019)
Sundhed og trivsel (3)
SDG03011: Deaths of complications of pregnancy, childbirth etc. (per 100,000 live births) by area (2005-2019)
SDG03021: Deaths during first five years of life (per 1,000 live births) by area (2005-2020)
SDG03022: Deaths during first 28 days of life (per 1,000 live births) by area (2005-2020)
SDG03041: Deaths (per 100,000 people) by area and cause of death (2005-2019)
SDG03042: Suicides (per 100,000 people) by area (2005-2019)
SDG03061: Deaths in traffic accidents (per 100,000 people) by area (2005-2019)
SDG03072: Adolescent birth rate (per 1,000 women) by area and age (2005-2020)
SDG03093: Deaths of unintentional poisoning (per 100,000 people) by area (2005-2019)
SDG03091: Mortality rate attributed to household and ambient air pollution by area (2016:2018)
SDG03031: New HIV infections (per 1,000 people) by area (1994-2018)
SDG03032: Tuberculosis incidence (per 100,000 people) by area (1994-2018)
SDG030B1: Proportion of the target population covered by all vaccines (per cent) by area and type of vaccine (1990-2018)
SDG030B2: x by area (2003-2019)
SDG03034: Hepatitis B incidence (per 100,000 people) by area (1994-2018)
SDG030A1: Prevalence of current tobacco (per cent) by area and sex (1998-2018)
Kvalitetsuddannelse (4)
SDG04011: Pupils at the end of primary school achieving at least a minimum proficiency lev by area, subject and sex (2007-2019)
SDG04022: Participation rate in organized learning by area and sex (2017-2018)
SDG04031: youth and adults in formal and non-formal education and training (per cent) by area and sex (2007-2016)
SDG04061: People achieving a fixed level of proficiency in funcional literacy and numeracy skills by area, level and sex (2011-2012)
SDG040B1: Volume of official development assistance flows for scholarships by sector and t by area (2010-2018)
SDG04041: Youth and adults with information and communications technology skills (per cent by area, type of qualification and age (2015-2019)
SDG04051: Parity indices (per cent) by area (2010-2019)
Ligestilling (5)
SDG05021: Women subjected to violence by current or former partner (per cent of popul.) by area and age (2008-2015-2008-2017)
SDG05022: Women subjected to violence by persons other than partner (per cent of popul.) by area and age and place of occurrence (2008-2015-2008-2017)
SDG05031: 20-24 year old women, who got married before they reached 18 years (per cent) by area and marital status (2015-2021)
SDG05041: Proportion of time spent on unpaid domestic and care work (per cent of the day) by area and sex (1964-2017)
SDG05051: Elected candidates to the Parliament, municipality and region councils by area, result of the election and sex (2018-2019)
SDG05052: Women in managerial positions (per cent) by area, sector and age (2008-2019)
SDG050A1: Share, who use mobile phones or smart phones to access the internet (per cent) by area and type (2010-2019)
SDG050B1: Share, who use mobile phones or smart phones to access the internet (per cent) by area and sex (2016-2020)
Rent vand og sanitet (6)
SDG06031: x by area (2010-2019)
SDG06041: Water use efficiency, value added per water use (index, 2010=100) by area and industry (2010-2019)
SDG06042: Groundwater abstraction as a proportion of groundwater resources (per cent) by area (2010-2019)
SDG06051: Degree of integrated water resources management implementation (per cent) by area (2017)
SDG06061: Change over time in extent of water-related ecosystems (per cent) by area and type of ecosystem (2011-2018)
Billig og ren energi (7)
SDG07021: Renewable energy's share of total gross energy consumption (2008-2020)
SDG07031: Energy intensity measured in terms of gross energy consumption and GDP by area and unit of measurement (2010-2020)
Anstændigt job og økonomisk vækst (8)
SDG08011: Growth rate of real GDP per capita (per cent) by area (2010-2020)
SDG08021: Growth rate of real GDP per employed person (per cent) by area (2010-2020)
SDG08041: Material footprint by area and indicator (2010-2016)
SDG08042: Domestic material consumption by area and unit of measurement (2010-2019)
SDG08061: Proportion of youth (aged 15-24 years) not in education, employment or training by area and age (2009-2019)
SDG08081: Frequency rates of fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries by area, type of work-related accident, sex and age (2011-2019)
SDG08091: Tourism direct GDP as a proportion of total GDP (per cent) by area (2014-2016)
SDG080A1: Aid for Trade commitments and disbursements by area (2005-2018)
Industri, innovation og infrastruktur (9)
SDG09012: Passenger and freight volumes by area, unit and mode of transport (2010-2019)
SDG09021: Gross value added in manufacturing as a share of total value added (per cent) by area (2010-2020)
SDG09032: Proportion of small-scale industries with a loan or line of credit (per cent) by area (2018)
SDG09031: Proportion of small-scale industries in total industry value added (per cent) by area (2008-2017)
SDG09022: Employment in manufacturing as a share of total employment (per cent) by area (2010-2020)
SDG09041: CO2 emission per unit of value added (index, 2010=100) by area and industry (2008-2019)
SDG090B1: Prop. of medium and high-tech industry value added in total value add (per cent) by area (2008-2017)
SDG090C1: Proportion of population covered by a mobile network (per cent) by area and speed (2016-2020)
SDG09052: Researchers (in full-time equivalent) per million inhabitants by area (2005-2019)
Reducer ulighed (10)
SDG10011: Growth rates of household expenditure or income by area, income group, adjustmnet for negative incomes and average income (2000-2019)
SDG10021: People living below 50 per cent of median income by area, age, sex and unit (2000-2019)
SDG10041: Labour share of GDP, comprising wages and social protection transfers (per cent) by area (2010-2020)
SDG10051: Indicators for financial solidity by area and fiscal Solidity (2010-2020)
SDG100A1: x by area, type and income (2012-2019)
SDG100B1: Total resource flows for development, by recipient and donor countries and type by area and fiscal Solidity (2015-2018)
Bæredygtige byer og samfund (11)
SDG11021: Population that has convenient access to public transport (per cent) by area, level of service , sex and age (2019)
SDG11031: Ratio of land consumption rate to population growth rate (per cent) by area and unit of measurement (2016-2018)
SDG11062: Annual mean levels of fine particulate matter in cities (pop. weighted) (µg/m3) by area and unit of measurement (2010-2018)
SDG11071: x by type (2020)
Ansvarligt forbrug og produktion (12)
SDG12042: Hazardous waste generated per capita and proportion of hazardous waste treated by area and unit of measurement (2011-2019)
SDG12041: x by area (2014-2019)
SDG12051: National recycling rate, tons of material recycled by area and unit of measurement (2011-2019)
Klimaindsats (13)
Livet i havet (14)
SDG14011: x by area and region (2010-2018)
Livet på land (15)
SDG15011: Forest area as a proportion of total land area (per cent) by area (2006-2018)
SDG15012: Important sites for terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity (per cent) by area and type of ecosystem (2010-2018)
SDG15021: x by type (2008-2019)
SDG15051: Red List Index by area (2010-2019)
SDG150A1: x by area and type (2002-2018)
Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner (16)
SDG16011: Victims of intentional homicide (per cent of population) by area, sex and age (2005-2018)
SDG16014: People, who feel safe walking alone around the area the (per cent of population) by area (2013-2018)
SDG16022: Victims of human trafficking (per 100,000 people) by area and sex, age and form of exploitation (2007-2018)
SDG16032: Unsentenced detainees (per cent of overall prison population) by area (2012-2018)
SDG16061: Primary government expenditures as a proportion of original approved budget, by by area (2015-2019)
SDG16031: Victims of violence who have reported their victimizat (per cent) by area (1995-2019)
Globale partnerskaber (17)
SDG17062: Fixed Internet broadband subscriptions (per cent) by area (2016-2020)
SDG17011: Total government revenue (per cent of GDP) by area and source (2005-2018)
SDG17012: Proportion of domestic budget funded by domestic taxes (per cent) by area (2005-2018)
SDG17131: Macroeconomic dashboard by area and macroeconomic (2010-2020)
SDG17091: Dollar value of financial and technical assistance by area (2014-2019)
SDG17191: Dollar value - all resources - to strengthen stat. capacity in dev. countries by area (2014)
SDG17071: Total amount of approved funding for developing countries by area (2016-2017)
SDG17041: Debt service as a proportion of exports of goods and services by area (2005Q1-2019Q4)
SDG17032: Volume of remittances (in United States dollars) as a proportion of total GDP by area (2010-2019)
SDG17021: Net official development assistance, total and to least developed countries by area and type of social assistance (2000-2004-2017)
SDG17031: Foreign direct investment (FDI), official development assistance and South-South by area (2005-2017)
SDGV03: x (2019)
SDGV09: x (2019)
SDGV10: x (2019)
SDGV02: x by foreign activity and focus on the SDGs (2019)
SDGV06: x (2019)
SDGV05: x (2019)
SDGV07: x (2019)
SDGERH01: x by industry (2010-2018)
SDGERH02: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH03: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH04: x by industry (2012-2019)
SDGERH05: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH06: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH07: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH08: x by industry (2011-2018)
SDGERH09: x by industry (2010-2018)
SDGERH10: x by industry and sex (2013-2019)
SDGERH11: x by industry and type (2013-2019)
SDGERH12: x by industry and type (2014-2019)
SDGERH13: x by industry and type (2013-2019)
SDGERH55: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH66: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH77: x by industry (2010-2019)
SDGERH88: x by industry (2011-2018)
SDGV01: x (2019)
SDGV04: x (2019)
SDGV08: x (2019)
SDGSV04: Enterprises emission of green house gasses (Co2-equivalents) by industry (2010-2017)
SDGSV02: Enterprises number of R & D personel (Annual work units) by industry (2010-2016)
SDGSV06: Enterprises production of waste, the reuse by industry (2011-2015)
SDGSV03: Corporation tax by industry (2010-2017)
SDGSV08: Enterprises managerial boards, members by industry and sex (2017)
SDGSV01: Enterprises share of Gross Domestic Production (GDP), 2010-prices by industry (2010-2018)
SDGSV05: Enterprises use of energy (gross) by industry (2010-2017)
SDGSV07: Enterprises compensation of staff in non-managerial positions by industry and sex (2014-2017)
Vores mål
VM010201: x by region (2015-2018)
VM010202: x by deprivation measure (2015-2019)
VM010203: x by number of years (2015-2018)
VM010301: x by type of benefits (2007-2019)
VM010302: x by duration (2011-2019)
VM010401: x by size of wealth (2015-2018)
VM010501: Members of akasse by region (2008-2019)
VM030201: Live births by weight of birth (2008-2018)
VM040101: x by education (2015-2019)
VM040201: x by positions category (2017-2018)
VM040301: x by sex (2010-2019)
VM040302: x by sex (2008-2014)
VM040501: x by the parents level of education (2015-2019)
VM070101: Dwellings with oil burner by region (2010-2020)
VM070201: x by industry (2015-2019)
VM070A01: x by technology (2017)
VM080102: x by industry (2015-2019)
VM080103: x by industry (2015-2019)
VM080201: x by industry (2015-2018)
VM080202: x by type (2015-2018)
VM080501: x by sector (2015-2018)
VM090201: x by industry (2015-2019)
VM090202: x by industry (2015-2019)
VM090401: x by industry and type of emission (2015-2018)
VM090501: x by industry (2015-2018)
VM100101: x by decile average (2015-2018)
VM100201: x by candidates (2013-2019)
VM100202: x by candidates (2013-2019)
VM100203: x by candidates and highest education completed (2015-2019)
VM100301: x by Income decil as 10 years old and income decil as 35 years old (2015-2018)
VM110102: x by decile average (2015-2018)
VM110603: x by type (2015-2020)
VM110604: x by sector (2015-2019)
VM110A01: x by education (2015-2019)
VM120201: xxx by type (2015-2019)
VM120202: xxx by region (2015-2017)
VM120501: xxx by industry (2011-2017)
VM120701: xxx by region (2017-2018)
VM120801: xxx by region (2011-2017)
VM160102: x by sex (2007:2009-2015:2017)
VM160201: x by region (2015-2018)
VM160701: x by type of election (2013-2019)
VM161001: x by type of decision (2015-2019)
VM170401: x by type (2015-2018)
VM171101: x by type (2015-2019)
VM030803: Number of general practitioners by region (2014-2018)
VM050A02: Proportion of self-employed among employees by sex (2008-2018)
VM050B01: x by type (2015-2019)
VM060101: xxx by region (2015-2018)