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Latest releases

DNPRND: The banks' and the mortgage-credit institutes' accounts (net position) with the Nationalbank
DNRENTD: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (daily observations)
DNVALD: Daily exchange rates by currency and type
ERHV1: Workplaces, job, full-time employment, wage and salary cost by industry (DB07) and unit
ERHV2: Workplaces and job by region, industry (DB07 10-grouping) and unit
ERHV3: Workplaces and job by industry (DB07 10-grouping), unit and size of workplace
ERHV4: Workplaces by industry (DB07 127-grouping) and size of workplace
ERHV5: Workplaces by region and sector
ERHV6: Workplaces by region, industry (DB07 10-grouping) and size of workplace
JB3: Interest and debt in acgriculture by type of cost
KONKEU: Newly registered companies and bankruptcies by indicator and industry (DB07)
KVAEG5: Number of cattle by region and type
AED20A: Clinical pathways and readmissions for persons aged 67, by region, unit and diagnosis
DNSOSB: Central government finance and debt by item
DNSOST: Central government finance and debt, transactions by item
DODC1: Deaths per day (experimental statistics) by sex and age
DODC2: Deaths per week (experimental statistics) by region, sex and age
FERIEH1: Letting of holiday houses, monthly by nationality of the guest, unit and period
FERIEH2: Future house weeks booked at holiday houses by nationality of the guest, future year and future month
FERIEH6: Letting of holiday houses, monthly by region, nationality of the guest, unit and period

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